About Brian

Brian Hainsworth, lives near Shrewsbury, Shropshire. With a primary teaching background, he thinks farms and the countryside are the coolest place to be. In 2003 he left the town and teaching to begin what would become a bit of a new path and new career!

He moved with his family to a small farm of just 16 acres. Brian has come full circle, having studied science at agricultural college many moons ago. After a short spell in an agricultural research institute in rural Scotland, he trained to teach and had a successful career as a primary school teacher. Some 20 years later he is involved with farming education, fostering children and running the farm smallholding.

His first book, ‘Boris the Lost Badger’ was written to help young children learn about some of the fantastic creatures found on British farms and in the countryside. Alongside the book, Brian has written some teaching ideas to help busy teachers motivate children to read and write and develop a love of the farm and natural environment. Brian's second book 'Goat's Cheese' is a tale of mice, cheese and goats and was published in 2014. In spare moments he is working on a new story ideas. Brian does some part-time work for farming charity FACE, which aims to get schools reconnected with Food, Farming and the Countryside and is happy to take on short projects that involve reconnecting food and farm learning opportunities.