Welcome to the website of Brian Hainsworth.


I'm Brian, and I wrote the illustrated children's book, Boris the Lost Badger and the short story for children Goat's Cheese! I like to write about animals, farms and wildlife we find in our beautiful countryside. 

I spend a lot of my time educating children about nature, farming and the countryside. I take on consultation to help those who do the same-get in touch if this interests you.

The Boris story is enjoyable in it's own right, but can be used by educators and teachers as a fun, creative, learning resource for whenever children visit farms, woodland or the countryside. Farmers might want to use the story as a 'way in' to explaining about Bovine TB and the problems it has caused them in a simple way children can understand. Badgers are one of the UK's favourite mammals, but for some farmers they present heartache and challenge. For most it is the story itself that can introduce woodland creatures and develop literacy learning and compliments outdoor learning.

Some Boris related resources are on  the TES website. The Boris book second edition is available, as  is Goat's Cheese from the publisher www.lulu.com


I hope you enjoy sharing the story as much as I did in writing it!